3hundert businesscards with four different colors.


3hundert logo


A webshowcas of the print agency 3hundert


Ahoi Postcard

Küsse Postcard

Grüße Postcard

Momente Postcard


3hundert is a graphic and print agency founded in the course Communication Design Startups at university. Together with a team, we went through an intensive Design Thinking process. After determining the most important principles of the brand vision, we finally created a concept for a visual identity.


The result is a minimalistic corporate design based on a simple grid system and a decisive color combination. According to that, we developed a full branding set. Including logo design, key visual, a commercial corporate website, business corporate letter, postcards, and so on. The name 3hundert comes from 300dpi, the resolution of good quality printing. Therefore the agency is geared to qualitative and exclusive print products. As a result, we created postcards with photo motifs of the 40ʼs in combination with the 3hundert sayings, to represent the vision of the agencyʼs services and brand core.


Pia Adlassnig
Stefan Förster
Karla Pichler
René Spanier
Katharina Mitteregger